We unite great people with great companies.

Whether you need the flexibility of temporary staffing for a short- or long-term requirement or are looking to fill a critical professional or leadership position, leave it to A Priori Staffing.

      • Direct Hire Staffing Services
        Need a full-time employee with the skills and experience to make a positive impact on your organization? A Priori Staffing recruits and screens qualified job candidates and presents the best for you to choose from for full-time employment.
      • Temporary Staffing Services & Locum Tenens
        Manage vacations, illnesses, and demand spikes without adding to your permanent workforce. We recruit and screen each candidate so that you know you are getting reliable, qualified help.
      • Contract -to-Hire Staffing Services
        Try one of our temp-to-hire employees at your location. You can evaluate their performance and fit before making a hiring decision at no risk to you.

Our Process

I. Client Review

We collaborate with you to understand your culture and vision. We discuss management style, salary requirements and benefit structure to assess which candidates will match your requirements.

II. Strategic Search Plan

Together we define job specifications, discuss the managerial metrics education and leadership competencies required to perform the position at a high level and set reporting and compensation expectations.

III. Recruitment and Reference Checks

Given the reach of A Priori existing network of candidate profiles, we only provide you with the most qualified candidates matching the information gained from the strategic search plan.

IV. Onboarding and Credentials Checks

Once a final candidate has been identified, A Priori Staffing extends the offer and explains the benefit package. Upon offer acceptance, if applicable we lead the candidate through the ethical process of leaving their current employer.

V. Client Follow up

Once the candidate begins employment, we maintain open communication to monitor the candidate’s progression and your satisfaction.